I’m Orielle Taylor, a Well-being and Mindset coach, helping amazing people balance and connection with their mental health and well-being. From anxious, overwhelmed, and disconnected from themselves to feeling resilient, calm, confident with a strong mindset full of possibility and hope.

I’m a proud redhead from the Highlands of Scotland, now living in Fife Scotland with my amazing husband and 2 gorgeous wee kiddies! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I love getting outdoor adventures with the kids- especially the beach and the sea, I always find it all kinds of soothing.

I am a bit skeptical and a bit spiritual (well maybe a lot spiritual – but also practical!) always open-minded.

A little bit loud and a little bit of an introvert.

I’m selfish but selfless (I also believe this is essential for our wellbeing!)

I love all things bright colours and love a bold floral pattern! 🌺

I am full of energy most of the time but have also learned the value of slowing down.

I used to be a real morning person- though feel my kids have robbed me of this in some way as now not so much when being woken by them at 5.30 am! 🤦‍♀️

I love coffee (See above point ) ☕️

I’m fairly sweary, love an F💣   to express myself

I’m can be judgmental but am caring, compassionate, and all about love.🥰

I have personal experience of many years of anxiety and really struggling with my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

On the outside, I was functioning well most of the time, but inside my head was a shambles, I really struggled and found myself in loops of progressively getting worse, going to the Dr/trying some approach to try and help, feeling better for a time then starting it all over again.

I was always super curious about how the mind worked, how some folk could just deal with things in such different ways. This curiosity of trying to fix myself led me to discover NLP and found it a game-changer.

I really loved the possibilities with it and personally felt big shifts with the techniques. This skipped my curiosity and I went on and trained, then went only to learn Hypnotherapy and have never stopped learning.

More recently I am a student and coach of the 3 principles, a different understanding on how our human experience works. It made so much sense to me! this offered me hope and freedom from years of overthinking, anxiety, overwhelm and opened up a whole new way of living.

I still experience my fair share of shit, but I know I can handle anything and it just doesn’t derail me like it once did. I know I will always be ok.

I am passionate about it sharing this with others. There is an easier way- we do not have to live in our mind of shit for years. And it doesn’t have to take a long time or hours of meditation each day. There is a simpler way!

I think there is a failing that we are not taught this especially our children and its part of my mission to share this with as many parents and children as I can.

I have experience of trying loads of shit to try and fix myself as though I needed to work on stuff to feel better.

I now have lots of experience of living in a new way, with a new understanding that has changed my whole life, given me hope and happiness.

I also f*!cking love what I do and all the amazing people I get to work with!!

Big Love