Coaching with Kids Packages

Over the last few years I have been working with more and more children and young people, who are worrying, feeling anxious or exhibiting other behaviours that may be concerning.
I believe this shift could be influenced by a number of factors such as the increased exposure to social media, the internet, big life transitions such as divorce, moving schools or just the pressures of growing up in todays world.

I am passionate about helping our children and young people, and empowering parents to support their children.

Each person I work with is unique, and our sessions reflect that. I believe children have the same rights as adults and should be treated with the same support and respect. I use a blend of techniques and skills in coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP, Generative trance and meditation and mindfulness. The techniques I share are practical techniques that can be continued to be used out with the sessions whenever required.
How can I help?
Each packages is unique to the person I am working with, helping you as the parent and your child understand themselves better and start developing their internal resources they can use throughout life.

What we can help with:
• Negative emotions & thinking
• Anxiety
• Managing change & transitions e.g. moving house, divorce
• Self-confidence
• Excessive worries
• Sleep problems
• Preparing for exams, focus & concentration
• Increasing emotional intelligence and resilience
• Coping with school, College or University.
• Improving challenging behaviours
• Overcoming lack of confidence and low self esteem
• Overcoming phobias – from mild fears to sheer terror
• Using mediation and calming techniques

Bespoke packages Includes:
• 1:1 Sessions with me (dates to be confirmed)- with homework & accountability
• Parent support pack
• Personalised downloads of all hypnotherapy mp3’s
• Support toolkit: Includes access to videos, audios, PDF activity sheets that can be downloaded
• Action tracker- monitoring progress & accountability for change

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I offer a free discovery consultation face to face, over the phone or on Zoom online. We can discuss what you are looking for, how i can help and any questions.

Discovery sessions are free and completely confidential.

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