First I want to start by saying that all- every single one of us is naturally resilient and have innate wellbeing within us. I 100% believe this.

I also believe and have experienced times when I did not feel that at all! The above sentence seemed 100% Bullshit to me!! 💩 🤦‍♀️

BUT what I now know is that my resilience is always within me – ready to kick in whenever I need it! Sometimes navigating the system of our psychology, the internal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are so unknown that it’s hard to navigate. 🧭

Once we start to better understand what is going on inside, once we understand and rearrange the inside world, the outside world rearranges as well. 🗺

I also believe EVERYONE can have a resilient mindset, some it comes too more naturally than others, they are natural optimists, re-framing life as it comes along, others have to practice a little to understand how to connect with their resileince BUT we all can achieve this.

The last few months for me have seen a lot of changes, challenges, and lots of uncertainty. I think this has maybe been an experience most of us can relate to. The Only thing we can be certain of is constant change happens!

Now I know for a lot of us, that can lead to a lot of thinking, overthinking and we may experience worry, anxiety, disruptions to sleep, or a whole host of things. All of our experience comes from the inside out, by this I mean it starts with our thinking.

I want to share this simple 3 step approach to start being more consciously aware of what we are thinking, more observant of what thoughts are zipping through our minds and which ones are focusing on, and how we can use this to our advantage to strengthen our mindset.

Here are 3 simple steps to start re-connecting with your resilience and wellbeing inside! 👇

Catch It! ✊
Become aware of your language both internally and externally. What do you say to yourself, how do you speak to yourself, are you a bit of a mean dick to yourself? 🤨

How do you talk about yourself to others? Are you always putting yourself down?

How do you allow others to talk around you and too you?

Words can have a HUGE impact on our mindset, things people say to us can drop into our unconscious mind garden and grow into big overgrown weeds, strangling out all the other pretty flowers in our mind garden! What if we only spoke to ourselves internally as we would speak to our loved ones, family or best friend?

Become aware of the language you use and that is used around you.

Challange it! 💪
Declutter all your thoughts!

We all have those times when we tell ourselves a story, a particular repetitive habitual thought, or an intrusive thought that keeps coming up, a fears, thoughts that make us feel anxious etc.
As you start becoming more aware of the thoughts pooping through your mind…starting to catch them, observe them….

Its helpful to ask yourself – is this a truth or a lie?
Has this happened or am I predicting what could happen?
Is it a real obstacle for me or just an excuse I am telling myself?

Be honest and you will realise, most likely that 70% or more of these thoughts are habitual repetitive thoughts, possibly not even true, you are likely beating yourself with a shit stick with all your thoughts and feeling shit when none of it is more than a thought!

It can often be helpful to write them all down, every thought you have like…’I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m not smart enough’….write it down in black and white releases it, takes away its power- journal that shit out. 📖 ✍🏻

As you read over what you have written down, let the emotions attached to it flow….be aware of any other thoughts that pop up around it, not denying any feelings or thoughts, observe them with no judgement, just let them flow.
Ask yourself- Is this really true??

Change it! ↪️
My bad- as this one’s a bit of a lie! 🤷‍♀️

We can’t actually change the thoughts that flow through our mind but we do have a choice on which we give our give our attention and focus too. 👀

We have 60,000 -80,000 thoughts flowing through our minds every day. 80% of them are habitual repetitive thoughts. A lot of them we are not even consciously aware of! 🧠

Have you ever noticed a time when something has happened maybe at work, you are thinking about it, playing over conversations in your mind, and its like a tea bag stewing in a cup of water, the longer it stews the stronger the tea….the longer we keep our focus on these thoughts, the stronger, more intense these emotions feel. 💣

But if we brought our attention to some of the other thoughts whizzing through our mind, we would feel differently.

I’m curious how often you are aware of yourself caught up in your thinking and how that makes you feel?

By practicing these 3 C’s you can manage your mindset and deeply connect with your inner resilience and wellbeing. Better understanding our thoughts, feelings, and how these create our moment to moment experience can help us better connect with our wellbeing. This is all within us already.

This isn’t a quick fix but can help us tune into our own thinking and feelings.

I would love it if you let me know how you get on with this and how helpful you find it!

Big Love