Children & Teenagers

Your child is already brilliant – it might just be hard to see it when they’re arguing about finishing their homework, dealing with exam stress, having a tantrum about going to bed or talking back when you ask them to tidy their room.

We work with children, teens, parents and schools to help our clients better understand their emotions and how it may affect their behaviours and results. Using coaching, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and other professionally recognised disciplines, I help children and families to improve their communication, connection, resilience and wellbeing.

Our therapy is a positive therapy that helps issues such as Anxiety, Confidence, Bullying, Exam pressure, Social media pressure, Body image and emotional transitions among many others. Coaching and teaching techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere and will help the future generation overcome obstacles that may prevent them being the person they really want to be.

The approach we use, including hypnotherapy for children works exceptionally well. Children’s willingness to engage in visualisation and use their creative imagination lends itself to hypnosis and they are generally very open to new techniques. They are open to the possibilities presented through “therapeutic play” and have none of the preconceived ideas that many adults have.

Typical Children’s Issues That I Have Successfully Treated with Hypnosis:
• Anxiety
Self Confidence
Exam pressures & study techniques
• Low Self-Esteem
• Phobias
• School transition challenges
• Anger and aggression issues
• Insomnia / Sleep Problems
• Eating / Food Issues
• Coping with big transitions e.g new school, divorce

Free Discovery Session

I offer a free discovery consultation face to face, over the phone or on Zoom online. We can discuss what you are looking for, how i can help and any questions.

Discovery sessions are free and completely confidential.


A typical session with children
Not every session is the same as I respond to whatever the child needs however most sessions follow;
• A telephone consultation with a parent or guardian where I get their perspective on the problem and the desired outcome.
• I expect a parent or guardian to come along to the first session, and can be present. For subsequent sessions you can stay if the young person would prefer you to be there.
• At the first session we have a chat. I want to get the child’s perspective on why they are there. We talk about how they experience the problem, how long they have been this way and how they would prefer to think, feel and behave instead.
• At all times I guide the child towards the solution and identify strengths and resources that the child already has, share some techniques they can use themselves outwith the session.
• We will agree some ‘homework’ of techniques to practice. We may do a hypnosis in the session or I may do a personalised recording following the session. You will always be sent this either on CD or digitally to listen to out with the session.
• The session will always deliver positive suggestions to boost their confidence in addition to guided visualization to overcoming their problem

Things You Should Know About Your Childs Session
• The young person must engage willingly.
• I recommend that the parent or guardian discuss coming to see me.
• All the techniques we use are completely safe, there are no side effects.
• Hypnosis cannot make your child do anything against their will.
• The session is totally child centred. So I will talk with the child not to them or about them.
• The number of sessions required depends upon the problem presented.
• All work is carried out discreetly and in total confidence.

I am fully insured and professionally registered with The British Institute of Hypnotherapy (BIH) & Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), so you can be confident in my skills and ability to help. I am fully PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) checked by Disclosure Scotland so you can be sure that your child’s and your family’s wellbeing is safe in my hands.

I offer FREE discovery sessions so we can talk more. To book call 07980 659148 or email

Helping tomorrow’s adults to create big futures.