Rock Your Mental Health

Mini Course


Ready To Rock Your Mental Health & Wellbeing?

Want to understand a new way of thinking, feeling, experiencing?

It’s time for you to take charge and better understand how your thoughts, feelings and habits create your experience and how you can transform this and your whole life!!

This mini-course will introduce you to a new understanding of how our thoughts, feelings habits work to help you connect with your wellbeing within and feel confident and resilient no matter what is happening in your life.

First – let’s be fair to ourselves – we don’t know what we don’t know!

We are not taught about how our psychological systems of thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits and behaviours work and often muddle through life with a great missunderstanding – connecting labels, like anxious, overthinking to our wellbeing.

With this mini course comes new understand, and with  new understanding comes many side effects…
– Find your overthinking quieten down to a calmer quieter mind
– Find yourself not dwelling in the past or overthinking the future
– Find yourself reconnecting to the true you!

In this powerful mini online course, with short easy to follow videos to guide you to start understanding your psychological system, your wellbeing within and how you can use this understanding to transform your mental health and wellbeing.


You are open to a fresh way to understanding your wellbeing, thoughts, behaviors and habits, and ready to take the action for change in your life. If you are craving balance in your life and to genuinely live a life of joy!

Here’s What You Get!

11 short videos which that guide you to better understand your thoughts, feelings, habits & wellbeing and how to connect to it. How you can be empowered with a new understanding that can change your life from overwhelm, anxiety to calm.

A PDF workbook to follow the weekly videos and capture your own understanding.


Life is too precious … Now more than ever we are realising this!

Why wait another moment?

If you were like me, you got on with it for years, going through life feeling a bit detached in some way, overwhelmed on the inside.

If this is for you- you know it’s time to stop thinking about making a change and take the step to do just that & I am here to guide you to that balance and joy!

Life can be unpredictable and we only have one shot at it!

Let me help you find your confidence, resilience & find your joy!

You can get instant access to this mini-course now, invest in your guide to a life of balance and joy for a one-off payment of £37….to change how you feel forever!

Make your payment to secure your space, you will then receive an email with course access and next steps!

Why Listen to Me?

I am Orielle, A Wellbeing & Transformational coach passionate about working with People to help them find balance and joy in their lives. I have worked for years with women, parents, and children to empower them to understand their mental health, connect to their wellbeing, and realise their unlimited potential!

I have experienced anxiety, overwhelm and know how it feels. I have experienced mental health, addiction and some other challenges- living with anxiety and overwhelm on the inside while holding a mask and everything together on the outside. For a while I thought that was just what life would be like for me, but deep down knew there must be an easier, happier way to live. I have worked with lots of clients to share what I learnt that changed my life completely. I run online courses, 1:1 sessions and workshops and corporate workplace courses.

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