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There is a number of ways we can work together, 1:1, groups online, or self-directed courses. You can also join my free online communities or discover one of my free resources. 

One on One coaching is tailored to each individual and we co-create what it is you are looking to change, from anxiety or overwhelm to realising and reaching your true potential. 

My passion is in helping each and every one of us understand our innate wellbeing within and help us live a life we want, with peace of mind and deep connection to ourselves. 

All of us have lived as best we could with our understanding we had at that time. We have innocently lived in anxiety, overwhelm, fear or in some way not being our true self by not understanding how our innate well-being worked, or how our internal system of thoughts, feelings, habits, and behaviors created our experience. There is another way…

Lets work together to discover a new way of being. 


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What Other Mums Have To Say About Mindset For Mums Course...

Helen Williamson

I did Orielle's Mindset for Mums course at the end of 2020 and I can't stress enough how helpful I found it. I have to say at the outset I was a bit sceptical that such seemingly small shifts in mindset could have much impact but Orielle's teaching and guidance is totally transformational. She is so open and honest in her teaching style and that encourages you to be open and honest too. Even at the end of our first Zoom session as a group, I felt such a rapport with the other women and this just grew as the course went on. Life can feel so uncertain at the moment that I find myself coming back to Orielle's teachings often. I can recognise when negative behaviours are creeping in and I have the tools now to deal with them.
I am so grateful to Orielle (and the other women in my group) for the experience of the Mindset for Mums course. I wholeheartedly recommend it. /span>

Sarah Robertson

Believe it or not I do worry less after doing your course... even if the list below doesn’t show it. I can just switch off a bit better now and realise the things within or outwith my control... thanks to you! But things that still play on my mind: Balance between home schooling and working full time. Trying to be everything to everyone. .

Gerry Ochojna

I am feeling the effects of the course so far. I am enjoying the journal writing and identifying when my anxiety is becoming overwhelming. I found the zoom group really useful- having a safe place to discuss without judgement with people I don’t know well is so helpful. The shared experiences reinforces that I’m not a failure- just having a blip.’

Why Listen to Me?

I am Orielle, A Wellbeing & Transformational coach passionate about working with People to help them find balance and joy in their lives. I have worked for years with women, parents, and children to empower them to understand their mental health, connect to their wellbeing, and realise their unlimited potential!

I have experienced anxiety, overwhelm and know how it feels. I have experienced mental health, addiction and some other challenges- living with anxiety and overwhelm on the inside while holding a mask and everything together on the outside. For a while I thought that was just what life would be like for me, but deep down knew there must be an easier, happier way to live. I have worked with lots of clients to share what I learnt that changed my life completely. I run online courses, 1:1 sessions and workshops and corporate workplace courses.

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