You are amazing, complete and innately well and have unlimited potential.

You are perfect, whole and amazing- just as you are.

Do you believe that?

Do you feel that?

Sometimes as we travel through life we lose connection with our inner spark and wellbeing or peace. I work with you to help you reconnect to your spark, your own unlimited potential and access what is there inside of you already and help you shine that in the world.

Learning how the inner systems of the mind work, you can understand how to manage your thoughts, feelings and resilience to live. Managing your mental health and wellbeing to live a life you want.

You can’t control what life has in store for you, but you can control how you react to it and you can choose how you want to feel at each moment.

Now wouldn’t that be nice?

I offer a consultation by phone or face to face to discuss how we can help you. All initial consultations are free and completely confidential.

The number of sessions required will depend upon individual needs and can generally be discussed briefly over the telephone.

Sessions are held in comfortable, calm surroundings in locations in Edinburgh.


I offer a free discovery consultation face to face, over the phone or on Zoom online. We can discuss what you are looking for, how i can help and any questions.

Discovery sessions are free and completely confidential.

You can book your FREE discovery session here