Workplace Workshops

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I offer bespoke workplace workshops, helping businesses, organisations, and their people become the best versions of themselves.

I have worked with corporate, public, private, and 3rd sector organisations creating bespoke workshops to support mental health and well-being in the workplace.

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Why Listen to Me?

I am Orielle, A Wellbeing & Transformational coach passionate about working with People to help them find balance and joy in their lives. I have worked for years with women, parents, and children to empower them to understand their mental health, connect to their wellbeing, and realise their unlimited potential!

I have experienced anxiety, overwhelm and know how it feels. I have experienced mental health, addiction and some other challenges- living with anxiety and overwhelm on the inside while holding a mask and everything together on the outside. For a while I thought that was just what life would be like for me, but deep down knew there must be an easier, happier way to live. I have worked with lots of clients to share what I learnt that changed my life completely. I run online courses, 1:1 sessions and workshops and corporate workplace courses.

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