I believe you are unique and perfectly complete. I work with you to help you believe and reconnect with that.

I am passionate about helping you better understand your mindset, thoughts, feelings and emotions and how you can be empowered with this to improve and achieve anything you desire. We can all only do the best we know from the place we are at, but working with me will move you forward by you gaining a better, deeper understanding and connection with yourself and transforming whatever was holding you back.

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I had appointments with Orielle to address my anxieties. The main issue I wanted to focus on was my fear of flying. Orielle made me feel extremely comfortable during the sessions and was so easy to share personal information with. She gave some really practical tools and strategies to help me deal with my feelings of anxiety. She also changed the way I think about things so that I feel in control of situations that would at one time have left me very anxious. I flew to Portugal in the summer and my husband said he didn’t recognise me on the plane as I was so calm and relaxed. I even enjoyed the flight! Thank you , Orielle.

Fiona Edwards

I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but Orielle was excellent. she managed to begin to reverse my 20 year battle with insomnia in just two sessions!! What sets her apart is that she really took the time to understand me and my needs and as such she didn’t try to ‘put me under’ which I was really worried about.

The whole session was just conducted like a relaxation exercise. It’s what Orielle says to your subconscious during this relaxation which has amazing effect to re programme your thinking.

Cathy Fossard