These sessions vary for each individual client and depend on a number of factors such as the issue and challenges being addressed, and the individual. The aim of the sessions are to be relaxing, learning with lightness and fun, positive, non-judgmental and it usually uses a mix of approaches.


Challenges or concerns that can be worked on


  • Motivating a young person to see their future differently
  • Helping children manage their behaviour
  • Working with children to increase their emotional control
  • Help young people to pass your exams without getting completely stressed out
  • Conquer fears & worries
  • Increase confidence/self esteem
  • Enhance friendships & communication
  • Increase motivation & a positive attitude
  • Overcome peer pressure & bullying
  • Overcome anxiety/panic attacks
  • Balance stress
  • Help improve sleep
  • Help focus and concentration
  • Help to cope with change e.g. parents separating
  • Help to cope with change e.g. parents separating
  • Empowering children with simple methods that can help them feel calm and safe
  • Transform troubled teenagers into positive young adults
  • Generally anything that is impacting on the well-being of the individual


If you would like to book an individual 1:1 session or simply just find out more information about our unique, fun, friendly approach, please use the details provided on our contact page.